Fit Challenge

Enrollment for the challenge is now open, and will close April 20 at 10pm. The official start date of the challenge is April 24th.

It's time to put your health in check, and we have the solution! Join our team of trainers to conquer your fitness goals by enrolling in our 12 Week Fit Challenge.

This isn't just any old fitness challenge, we can guarantee results while providing all of the tools necessary to continue on your fitness journey regardless of your lifestyle.

The program includes unlimited 30 minute Fitcamp classes, full access to our fitness facility while not taking classes, and nutritional coaching complete with meal plans catered to your exact needs.

THIS IS NOT JUST A WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE, this is a fit challenge where everyone is capable of winning some cold hard cash, and prizes along the way. We have a points based system that will allow anyone to log some serious points during the 12 weeks to be a winner.

Cash payouts are guaranteed!

1st place- $1,000

2nd place- $800

3rd place- $400

The cost to join the program is $400, and can be paid at the front desk of The Gym. When you come in, we will have you fill out a brief form, and help get you enrolled.

The official start date of the program is Monday, January 9th, which is when enrollment for the classes is unlocked for challenge members. We run 8 classes daily Monday-Friday, and 2 classes on Saturdays. 

Our class times are as follows:

Monday-Friday: 5:00am, 5:45am, 6:30am, 8:00am, 12:00pm, 4:45pm, 5:30pm, 6:15pm

Saturday: 8:00am, 8:45am

Starting weight/measurements for the challenge will be held Friday, April 21 from 5am-7pm. 

*If you're currently a member of The Gym TC Fitcamp, you may pay through our mobile app


Here are the rules:

Throughout the course, we will do weekly weigh-ins every Friday to check on progress, and scores will be posted at the 6 week mark to see where everyone stands half way through the challenge.
Measurements will only be done at the beginning, and end of challenge which will be put towards points to find our challenge winners.
Our bootcamp classes are designed in a way to accommodate 15 people at once, and the training programs vary day to day. They include weight training, conditioning, and cardio. While taking the challenge, you do not have to take the bootcamp classes, but I do recommend you drop in atleast 3 times a week to get involved with the challenge member community, as well as score some workout points.
Make sure you are a little early for bootcamp classes or right on time, tardiness is not acceptable. Our trainers take a lot of time developing the workouts, and at the beginning of each class we go through demonstrations for each workout. By showing up late, they will need to go back over what you missed, and it takes away from everyone else.
If you are late, you will be required to sit out the first couple of minutes to learn what is being done, and then you may hop in. If for any reason there is something you cannot do whether due to injury, or it doesn’t feel right, we can come up with other exercises to get you through the workout.
We are using a points system to make sure everyone has a fair shot at some prizes, and we need people to be honest throughout this course. Cheating absolutely will not be tolerated!
The points are as follows:
.5 point for any class attended
1 point for every pound lost
1 point for every week meals have been logged
1 point for every inch lost
1 point for every percent of bodyweight lost
1 point for weighing in every week
10 points for losing weight for 12 weeks straight
Rules for points-
-Every class attended means you actually showed up for class. No shows will cost you 1 point each time.
-Every pound lost will be tallied up, and added at the end. Anything after the decimal point does count towards points.
-Meals logged every week must include a minimum of 3 daily meals logged, and for 7 days straight. These will be written down on a meal tracking sheet provided by us, and kept in your folder.
-Every inch lost will be tallied up, and added at the end. Anything in-between on the tape measure will be added as a decimal towards points.
-Every percent of bodyweight lost will be tallied up, and added at the end. Anything after the decimal point does count towards points.
-Every weigh in for 12 weeks straight will be added at the end.
-Losing weight 12 weeks in a row only counts if the weigh ins took place at the gym and on a Friday. If you gain at any point in time, and then lose again, you are disqualified from this particular point system.
Other rules:
You must weigh in wearing light clothing, nothing bulky, and shoes must be taken off every weigh in.
You cannot attend a class you didn’t register for. Our bootcamp app does sometimes have technical issues, and if you are having an issue, please reach out to Austin, or one of the instructors to let them know to see if you can partake in the class still.
Gym use will require us to enter you into our system separate from the mobile app, so if that is something you want to use, visit the front desk and we will issue you a scan tag, and have you fill out a form to build your profile.
If you need to cancel a class, please do it within the hour of the class. If you need to take a different class that day, and can’t cancel the original one you registered for, please let me know, and I can edit your account to reflect the cancelation.
The nutrition covered during this course will all be handled by myself, and I will do my best to get everyone squared away with meal plan coaching, as well as tips/tricks to help you keep losing. I’ll be making various posts in the page regarding anything diet, and will also be uploading several Meal plans in the files section of the Facebook group page. It is important that you use our page to access nutrition information, and along the way I’m here to help in any way I can. 


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